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Make-up for Olive Skin: February 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman!

I went to the MAC Wonder Woman release event here in San Francisco and it was amazing! I went in not knowing too much about the line or whether I'd like to purchase any of it. I had an appointment for make up at 1pm and so I talked to the Make-up Artist about what from the collection would fit me the best. We ended up using the Defiance eyeshadow palette paired with the Victorious mascara. They looked wonderful one me! The Emancipation and Athena's kiss lip glass' were also super flattering. I ended up getting all four and you can see the pictures below!

Defiance Palette (with me in the picture, Hi!)

Victorious Mascara (sorry for the blurriness guys, my camera went all wonky)

Left to right: Athena's Kiss and Emancipation

Athena's Kiss


Top to bottom: Emancipation and Athena's Kiss

Defiance palette, I used all 4 colors

Defiance Palette used along with Victorious Mascara, pretty right?!
I used the darkest color of the palette as a liner underneath as well


Athena's Kiss

I'm a big fan of all the stuff I got, it's all very wearable and comes in GIANT sizes. The make up artist even showed me a great way to wear Emancipation along with Soar lip liner to make a very beautiful almost caramel color.  I also got the Wonder Woman Penultimate Eye Liner, it only comes in one color called Rapid Black and looks like a jumbo sharpie but was actually very easy to use! The make up artist did one eye for me and then she let me do the other so I could see if I liked how it worked. I definitely like it, I thought it was going to be awkward but the point is very thin so it worked like a dream. I have no regrets about this purchase like I may be regretting the Lady Gaga 2 purchase.

All in all even if I hadn't liked any of the collection it was fun to go to the event, they had a lot going on. I'd never been to a MAC release party but they went ALL OUT.  I even got a super awesome picture of me being all Comic Book-y, in retrospect I should have posed way sillier, sigh, hindsight.

Wonder Woman, kicking ass and taking names!

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Viva Glam Gaga 2

Hello Olive ladies, I went out on Saturday and decided to get the Mac Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick and lip glass. I'm still a little on the fence about it honestly. I'm just not sure if it washes me out too much or if it works for a nice nude lip with a smokey eye.

On to the pictures!

Lipstick on top. Lip glass on the bottom.

This is the lipstick and the lip glass on top. Excuse the chapped lips. =(

I've heard from several people including the make up artists at the MAC counter that this is a shade that just needs to be worked with, it will never be perfect right out of the tube. This really makes me like the pair less, I may end up returning it, but I only gave it one shot maybe it deserves one more.

So, what are your thoughts? Will you be trying to make the shade work?

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

MAC "O" Lipstick

I decided to go to the MAC counter and ask the MUA what their most popular lipstick is for Olive skin. As in, not what she recommended but what she noticed more Olive skinned women buying. Her response was "O" lipstick. When she handed it to me, it didn't look like much in the tube. It looked like a brown lipstick with gold flecks in it. I can easily say that I was not impressed, but as usual, I'm always willing to try something once.

Man, it's beginning to sound like all I've been doing recently is having huge make up epiphanies but guys, seriously I guess I am.  I hope you feel honored to be following me in this make up journey and if I help just one person with this, then at least my late nights of awkward pictures (my cats always want to be in them) and blogging (writing in order to keep you interested is hard) wont be wasted.

Well, as usual I have good news. This lipstick is actually pretty awesome, I can see why people keep coming back for it as an everyday lipstick. It's not boring, but not so out there that it can't be worn everyday and it's a Frost so it's light and moisturizing. Mac describes "O" as a purplish red with a hint of golden pearl. I think that's honestly a very accurate description of the color, the swatch on the site makes it look incredibly brown though so don't trust that.

On to the awkward pictures!

Looks brown and blah, right?
Oooh this swatch is looking pretty nice!

Wow, this color is super flattering, it even lights up my face!
::gasp:: A full face picture?!

I decided to share a full face picture this time, mostly because it's pretty good proof that this shade is flattering. In the picture above I have wet un-brushed hair after a shower, no make-up or moisturizer on and yet just the lipstick gave me a put together healthy look! Needless to say I was impressed with this shade. I didn't expect much from it, but I truly like the wear-ability of this lipstick, it's lasting power (about 4 hours for me) and the fact that it wasn't just some boring neutral (in person you can really see those golden pearls which give you this beautiful shine and dimension). Don't want to just take my word for it? Here are some reviews for you to peruse!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Smashbox Offer

Alright girls, this is too good not to pass along. is having an awesome sale right now, you can make your own beauty bag, you choose from eyeshadow trios, blush rush blushes and lip enhancing glosses. You can mix and match, and it's only $39! I personally decided on 2 eyeshadow trios and 1 blush (usual retail price of $80 total), mostly because Lord knows I do not need more lip plumping!

So girls, check it out. It only lasts this week, so get your deal on! =D

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Perfect Pink

I found the perfect pink lipstick. I had sworn that I could never wear pink lipstick because it would never look good on me, sure I'd wear berries or other colors in the family but never did I think I could pull off a fun colored pink. I was wrong, I'll admit it right now.
The color I tried out was recommended by a MAC make up artist at Bloomingdale's. I had just finished trying on Bombshell and it looked horrible, I quickly took it off and decided that I would just stop trying to find a good pink for the day, I hadn't been very successful. However the MUA came up and said, "Hey, why don't you try Lustering? I think it'd look great on you" I thought, "Sure, why not? One more can't hurt." When I saw it in the tube part of me thought, "Well, this definitely can't be an everyday pink." It just looked too shocking, but then I realized it was a lustre finish and those are usually slightly sheer.

Ladies I can honestly say that as soon as I tried this color on it was love. The color was not so sheer that I couldn't easily build it, but it was sheer enough that I could wear it everyday. The color instantly brightened up my face and was super flattering. The formula was nice and moisturizing, it felt almost like a lip balm. I bought it on the spot, along with it's complimenting lipliner "Pink Treat." I actually wore this color last night for a night out with a nice cat eye and it performed nicely, it was especially nice that when most of it had worn off hours later my lips still felt conditioned and had a tinge of pink to them.

Top: Pink Treat Lip Liner Bottom: Lustering Lipstick

Looks a tinge too shocking in the tube, right?

But look how flattering it is once it's on! (excuse the chapped lips)
I can definitely recommend this color, it is truly beautiful and I feel it can be extremely versatile. If you don't have any pinks in your collection, this would be a great purchase. So, if you get a chance to make it to MAC counter, try this one, you wont believe me until you do. I truly love that this color can go from really sheer to a full on color, and yet feels like wearing Chapstick and not lipstick. I may end up going through this tube faster than all my other lipsticks!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lip Gloss? Ew.

Okay I lied, this is not a post about disliking lip gloss. Instead this is a post of me coming to love lip gloss.  I used to be a Chapstick girl, plain and simple, any day everyday you'd find me with cherry Chapsticks hidden in my backpack, purse and jackets. I hated lip gloss, it was my nemesis, it was thick, gooey and pretty fly paper for my hair.
Fast forward to just recently and when asked if I liked lip gloss I would say, "Oh god no, it's evil." That is until someone said something to me, "You know lip gloss isn't what it used to be. It's a lot better now." This intrigued me, I wondered if they'd gotten rid of all the sucky parts of lip gloss and left all the pretty parts. I decided to shop around and  guess what? A lot of them haven't changed, but I found one that DID.

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals 100% Natural Lip Gloss - Cassis this lipgloss really impressed me. I picked a fun neutral color that would just a bit of shimmer to my lips, so I chose Cassis, it's a pretty color; a rosey color with a tinge of gold. I found that this gloss got it right, it seems goopey when you  you pull the wand out of the tube but once it's on your lips it's a different story. No longer do I have to feel like I have a layer of icky film on my lips instead they feel conditioned and happy with the added benefit of getting a really nice shine and shimmer from the color. Cassis is my first and only color from this line, but I can definitely see myself owning more colors. This color was a great way to ease into the line as it's extremely versatile and good for everyday.

Now onto the pictures!

Swatch with no flash.
Isn't it a pretty color?

All in all I'd say this is a very awesome lip gloss with little draw backs, I would definitely recommend it as it seems to stay on my lips for a good 4 hours and rather than making my lips feel gross or dry once it's gone it ends up making my lips feels more moisturized. Looks like I'll be wearing more lip gloss these days!

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