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Make-up for Olive Skin: MAC "O" Lipstick

Thursday, February 10, 2011

MAC "O" Lipstick

I decided to go to the MAC counter and ask the MUA what their most popular lipstick is for Olive skin. As in, not what she recommended but what she noticed more Olive skinned women buying. Her response was "O" lipstick. When she handed it to me, it didn't look like much in the tube. It looked like a brown lipstick with gold flecks in it. I can easily say that I was not impressed, but as usual, I'm always willing to try something once.

Man, it's beginning to sound like all I've been doing recently is having huge make up epiphanies but guys, seriously I guess I am.  I hope you feel honored to be following me in this make up journey and if I help just one person with this, then at least my late nights of awkward pictures (my cats always want to be in them) and blogging (writing in order to keep you interested is hard) wont be wasted.

Well, as usual I have good news. This lipstick is actually pretty awesome, I can see why people keep coming back for it as an everyday lipstick. It's not boring, but not so out there that it can't be worn everyday and it's a Frost so it's light and moisturizing. Mac describes "O" as a purplish red with a hint of golden pearl. I think that's honestly a very accurate description of the color, the swatch on the site makes it look incredibly brown though so don't trust that.

On to the awkward pictures!

Looks brown and blah, right?
Oooh this swatch is looking pretty nice!

Wow, this color is super flattering, it even lights up my face!
::gasp:: A full face picture?!

I decided to share a full face picture this time, mostly because it's pretty good proof that this shade is flattering. In the picture above I have wet un-brushed hair after a shower, no make-up or moisturizer on and yet just the lipstick gave me a put together healthy look! Needless to say I was impressed with this shade. I didn't expect much from it, but I truly like the wear-ability of this lipstick, it's lasting power (about 4 hours for me) and the fact that it wasn't just some boring neutral (in person you can really see those golden pearls which give you this beautiful shine and dimension). Don't want to just take my word for it? Here are some reviews for you to peruse!

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