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Make-up for Olive Skin: MAC Motif - Highlighter?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

MAC Motif - Highlighter?

Ladies. I found a cheat.

I think I put it this way because I'm a nerd, but I just feel like I'm gaming the system somehow!

I own MAC Motif, generally I use it as a highlight for my brow bone. It's such a beautiful almost duo-chrome color. MAC describes it as a gold/peach with pink pearl. That's a fairly accurate description, the pink pearl is the key here. If you look at Motif in the pan depending on the lighting it can look gold or it can look pink. In better lighting you can really see the pearl and it's really beautiful.

This brings me to my cheat. One day I thought, why not use Motif on my cheeks as a highlighter? I did it over Warm Soul and the result was remarkable! The shadow didn't look weird or out of place, in fact it looked amazing! The pink pearl really melded well with my blush and brought this truly amazing highlight into my cheeks.

I firmly believe this will come down to preference, however, I very much encourage Olive skinned Divas to try this trick. You can make it toned down and natural or super packed on and dramatic!

Unfortunately, the pictures just cannot capture the exact beauty of Motif on the skin. However, I really recommend people try it out. It works wonderfully as an eyeshadow, is buttery and a dream to put on. For those reasons, I believe it lends itself so easily to being used as a highlighter on the cheeks! Motif does not look out of place on the eye nor on the cheeks and can be quite a little multi-tasker! Talk about saving some cash, at $11.50 USD for a pan it's a pretty great option.

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