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Make-up for Olive Skin: The Perfect Pink

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Perfect Pink

I found the perfect pink lipstick. I had sworn that I could never wear pink lipstick because it would never look good on me, sure I'd wear berries or other colors in the family but never did I think I could pull off a fun colored pink. I was wrong, I'll admit it right now.
The color I tried out was recommended by a MAC make up artist at Bloomingdale's. I had just finished trying on Bombshell and it looked horrible, I quickly took it off and decided that I would just stop trying to find a good pink for the day, I hadn't been very successful. However the MUA came up and said, "Hey, why don't you try Lustering? I think it'd look great on you" I thought, "Sure, why not? One more can't hurt." When I saw it in the tube part of me thought, "Well, this definitely can't be an everyday pink." It just looked too shocking, but then I realized it was a lustre finish and those are usually slightly sheer.

Ladies I can honestly say that as soon as I tried this color on it was love. The color was not so sheer that I couldn't easily build it, but it was sheer enough that I could wear it everyday. The color instantly brightened up my face and was super flattering. The formula was nice and moisturizing, it felt almost like a lip balm. I bought it on the spot, along with it's complimenting lipliner "Pink Treat." I actually wore this color last night for a night out with a nice cat eye and it performed nicely, it was especially nice that when most of it had worn off hours later my lips still felt conditioned and had a tinge of pink to them.

Top: Pink Treat Lip Liner Bottom: Lustering Lipstick

Looks a tinge too shocking in the tube, right?

But look how flattering it is once it's on! (excuse the chapped lips)
I can definitely recommend this color, it is truly beautiful and I feel it can be extremely versatile. If you don't have any pinks in your collection, this would be a great purchase. So, if you get a chance to make it to MAC counter, try this one, you wont believe me until you do. I truly love that this color can go from really sheer to a full on color, and yet feels like wearing Chapstick and not lipstick. I may end up going through this tube faster than all my other lipsticks!

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