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Make-up for Olive Skin: Nars Isolde - An everyday eyeshadow duo

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nars Isolde - An everyday eyeshadow duo

I'm going to honest, I hate Wednesdays. But to make up for it, I get to drink a beer and make a beauty recommendation.

Ladies (and Gents), today, I'm here to tell you about Isolde the eyeshadow duo from Nars. Not Isolde from Tristan and Isolde, the incredibly depressing love story.

Nars Isolde is beautiful duo of gold and copper. These two colors are known to be very flattering for blue eyes, but guess what? They are amazing on Olive skin too (have Olive skin and blue eyes? You lucky bitch.)  My favorite part about these two colors is that they can be used together or alone. Use one of them as a wash and it's flattering. Wear the one on the left on the lid and the one of the right in crease and you have a more put together look. Want to make this night time friendly or add some depth to the look? Pop a chocolate color like MAC Swiss Chocolate or Folie in the outer corner and you have a sexy eye look.

I'm not going to mince words, I love me some gold eye looks. I feel like they're an understated way to make brown eyes pop and always look effortlessly sexy on Olive skin tones no matter the eye color. If you want to give an eye look like this a try, this is a good starting point. The colors are nicely pigmented (though probably a little light for anyone above NC40), a dream to apply and last a good 8-10 hours.

So, what do you say gorgeous, would you try something similar to this?

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