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Make-up for Olive Skin: MAC Wonder Woman!

Monday, February 21, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman!

I went to the MAC Wonder Woman release event here in San Francisco and it was amazing! I went in not knowing too much about the line or whether I'd like to purchase any of it. I had an appointment for make up at 1pm and so I talked to the Make-up Artist about what from the collection would fit me the best. We ended up using the Defiance eyeshadow palette paired with the Victorious mascara. They looked wonderful one me! The Emancipation and Athena's kiss lip glass' were also super flattering. I ended up getting all four and you can see the pictures below!

Defiance Palette (with me in the picture, Hi!)

Victorious Mascara (sorry for the blurriness guys, my camera went all wonky)

Left to right: Athena's Kiss and Emancipation

Athena's Kiss


Top to bottom: Emancipation and Athena's Kiss

Defiance palette, I used all 4 colors

Defiance Palette used along with Victorious Mascara, pretty right?!
I used the darkest color of the palette as a liner underneath as well


Athena's Kiss

I'm a big fan of all the stuff I got, it's all very wearable and comes in GIANT sizes. The make up artist even showed me a great way to wear Emancipation along with Soar lip liner to make a very beautiful almost caramel color.  I also got the Wonder Woman Penultimate Eye Liner, it only comes in one color called Rapid Black and looks like a jumbo sharpie but was actually very easy to use! The make up artist did one eye for me and then she let me do the other so I could see if I liked how it worked. I definitely like it, I thought it was going to be awkward but the point is very thin so it worked like a dream. I have no regrets about this purchase like I may be regretting the Lady Gaga 2 purchase.

All in all even if I hadn't liked any of the collection it was fun to go to the event, they had a lot going on. I'd never been to a MAC release party but they went ALL OUT.  I even got a super awesome picture of me being all Comic Book-y, in retrospect I should have posed way sillier, sigh, hindsight.

Wonder Woman, kicking ass and taking names!

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