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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mac Margin - Made for Olive Skin!

I know that I need to branch out, but I've got to say that I really love MAC blushes. I also really love the fact that there are so many of them I can keep discovering ones that work well on Olive skin tones. MAC Margin is a defined as a Frost finish. I don't find it to be frosty, I do however find it to be Goh-geous!

I think I've really come to realize what a difference a good blush can make to someone's complexion. This is probably why I'm always excited to find a blush that compliments Olive skin, as they can be few and far between. MAC Margin is described as a peach with golden shimmer. I think that is a very accurate description of this blush. In the pan and in the swatch it looks exactly like the description. Because it is a frost finish you may have to use more than your usual blush amount, however, it builds beautifully and leaves a finish like a dream. Margin has a slight sheen to it that I love. I honestly wouldn't call it "shimmer" I believe "sheen" is actually more accurate!

If you take a look at the above swatches you can see that it's not a "BAM!" color. It's not super in your face, but it's beautiful once applied to the cheeks. This blush warms Olive skin right up, and gives me a wonderful healthy and natural look. It is understated enough to wear with little make up and also be worn with a strong eye or face. I find it to be truly versatile, so much so it can be worn year round! I get a good amount of wear from this blush as I usually do with MAC blushes, about 6-8 hours.

If you haven't tried this blush I really believe this calls for a visit to the MAC counter!

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