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Make-up for Olive Skin: Misadventures at Walgreens

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Misadventures at Walgreens

I'm going to preface this buy saying that I have a migraine right now, so I may not convey this story in an extremely pleasant manner, but I need to write this before I forget.

I've been telling people who read my blog that you should be able to return a used make-up item to Walgreens (not used up for half away used, but opened and swatched). However, I recently found out this is not the case. Here come the icky details:

I went to Walgreens to return a couple of make-up items I'd purchased. Whenever you have to do a return you have to wait for the manager. So, I wait ten minutes and finally this older woman (who spoke broken English) came to help me. I'd gotten my items ready with their receipt attached so that it'd be a little easier for her.

Manager: Are you returning these?
Me: Yes, please.
Manager: But you used them.
Me: Yes, sorry about that, since I can't try them in store I had to buy them in order to find out if the color fit me.
Manager: Well, then why you no keep?
Me: I'm sorry? Why didn't I keep them? Well, they didn't look good on me...
Manager: Well, you should keep anyway, if you use them.
Me: I should keep items I paid for but do not like?
Manager: Yes, we don't do returns on used make-up.
Me: Well, I've never had this issue before, is this a new rule or one only that pertains to your store?
Manager: No, but you use them.
Me: Well, if you can't do the return that's fine just let me know, I know you have a right to refuse a return for any reason, it says it on the back of the receipt but I'ver never had an issue before. I'd just go to another Walgreens. And just as an FYI, every time I return something it gets returned to the vendor and they reimburse Walgreens for the amount of the item, so it's not like you'll lose any money.
Manager: (becoming ruder than before) How do you know? You no work here, you don't know our policy.
Me: Well, I do, because I've looked it up.
Manager: Well, we don't accept used makeup.

I ended up calling the customer hotline for Walgreens and having the customer service rep explain to the manager that what I'd said was all correct and that if she didn't want to give me the refund she could refuse, but that there is no explicit rule saying they don't accept used make up.
After I hung up the phone she said, "Okay, I do for you, only this time."

All I know that on the receipt she could have seen that I bought several make up items that day, most of which I did not return, as a matter of fact I spend a good amount of money at Walgreens. They used to be the only drugstore in SF. However, now there is a CVS near my work, one that has way better customer service, accepts make up returns without issue and even has make-up purchase rewards. I'm sure I'll be doing all my make-up shopping there from now on.

Sorry for what sounds like a giant rant, but I think it's also useful information. If anyone has this issue it's good to be informed. Hope this helps. Happy Sunday night.


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