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Make-up for Olive Skin: Drugstore fun!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Drugstore fun!

So, I went to the drugstore today to find some make-up inspiration. I walked out with a couple of things, but figured I should spread them out a little. I went in looking for a good neutral-ish eyeshadow palette and a fun red-coral color. I was very successful, not just in finding two things that fit the bill, but also finding two things that look great on me without even being able to try them. I've been noticing I'm getting better at that! (the joys of continuous make-up buying).

I ended up walking out with Wet N Wild's Comfort Zone eyeshadow palette and Revlon's Kiss Me Coral lipstick. I was really hoping that comfort zone would be nicely pigmented but also be really flattering on my Olive skin. For Kiss Me Coral my wish was that it was true to the tube (does anyone else really love how you can see the actual lipstick now before you buy it? I love that clear top!).

Well, my wishes came true! Comfort Zone was seriously impressive. The eyeshadow is incredibly pigmented and so soft and easy to use. I truly adored the consistency from the moment I swatched the the first color. Once I swatched all the colors I fell in love. The best part was that the final color was a huge surprise!

Kiss Me Coral turned out to be exactly what I wanted. A cremey red/orange coral lipstick that was true to the tube. I'm sad to say that it wasn't as pigmented as I had hoped but with a fews swipes I got the color I was hunting for. 

Onto the pictures!
These are the four colors on the left side of the palette. (Left to Right: Brow-bone, Crease, Eyelid, Definer)
These are the four colors on the right side of palette. (Left to right: Eyelid, Definer, Brow-bone, Crease)
Wet N Wild Comfort Zone (notice that last color on the right? So pretty, but looks nothing like the pan!)
Revlon Kiss Me Coral
Kiss Me Coral
Kiss Me Coral
TA-DA! Such a fun and flattering color. =D

Overall my trip was very successful. I am a huge fan of my what I got and know that I will get many uses out of Kiss Me Coral lipstick for summer and Comfort Zone will get me through summer, fall, winter and spring, it's that versatile. I also feel like the colors are so neutral that anyone can wear them, I love universal colors.
I own a lot of high end make-up but every once in a while I love being able to go to the drugstore to find some really great gems! The palette was was only $4.99 and it's as good as a palette I could have gotten from MAC. The lipstick, which was $8.49 (but cheaper on Amazon), was not as pigmented as my MAC lipsticks, but it sure was a beautiful color.

So, will you be trying either of these drugstore finds?


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