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Make-up for Olive Skin: MAC Cham Pale

Thursday, January 13, 2011

MAC Cham Pale

Hola Chicas, I'll be reviewing MAC Cham Pale first as it's going to be leaving the soonest and also because I'm still waiting to get the last items from the Mickey Contractor Collection in the mail.

So, trying something out based on feedback, I'm going to be showing you not just swatches but also pictures of me wearing the make up. Get ready for uncomfortably close closeups!

I didn't pick up much from the Cham Pale collection, some of you more fairer Olive skinned ladies will most likely have more luck with this line but for us more darker Olive skinned ladies it's definitely a little too much on the lighter side.

So, on to the loot.
Paint Pots from left to right: Let Me Pop, Vintage Selection, Chilled On Ice.

Let Me Pop

Vintage Selection
Chilled on Ice

Below I'll show you what the shades look like on skin and on my face. Just a note that this is in my bathroom with no natural lighting, but I think the pictures are pretty accurate.

From left to right: Let Me Pop, Vintage Selection, Chilled On Ice.

Let Me Pop

Vintage Selection

Chilled on Ice

Paint pots are great creme shadow and are most commonly used as bases for other shadows, but are also gorgeous on their own. As you can see Let Me Pop is the most flattering out of the three colors, it's a beautiful gold/orangey shimmer. Vintage Selection is a more neutral beige with shimmer and Chilled on Ice is a gold shimmer with orane-ish undertones. They are all pretty flattering though. The one paint pot I did not buy was Dangerous Cuvée, I tried it on in store and found it to be too gray and really unflattering on my skin tone.

Let me tell you these paint pots have some staying po
wer. I had to use make up remover to get all the color off when changing shades. However, when it came time to wash my face to get all the make up off Cetaphil did it with ease.

Now onto the one lipstick from the collection that I deemed worthy of purchasing. The color is a nice pale shimmery pink. It's flattering, but you also have to be fond of lighter sheer colors that don't change your lip color very much. I tried to photograph this color every which way to get the most accurate color, hopefully you'll get a good idea of what it looks like.Quiet, Please
I personally really like the color but it is frosty, so definitely stay away from this if you're not a frosty lipstick gal. I usually am not a fan of frosts, but this color won me over.

The final thing I got from the collection was Special Reserve Highlight Powder in Rose Olé. Not only does it look really nifty in the packaging, it's a beautiful highlighting powder and unfortunately it's kind of hard to show that in pictures on myself, as much as I tried. You'll have have to trust me that it's a beautiful and flattering highlighter, so if you're interested in one check this out.

Rose Olé

Hope you enjoyed the swatches and pictures. I'll definitely keep doing pictures for the blog. It's a lot of work! However, I think it's way more useful to people this way.

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