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Make-up for Olive Skin: Foundation - Beginners Guide!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Foundation - Beginners Guide!

Girls, I've noticed a trend that really needs to be addressed. I realize that picking a shade of foundation can be extremely difficult sometimes, however, it does not give us the permission to wear shades that don't fit. It's hard seeing women walking around with a shade of foundation on their face only see a line on their chin where their foundation ends and their natural skin begins. Foundation should match your skin color perfectly and blend seamlessly from face to neck. It should be your skin only better.

Your skin is the one make up step you cannot skimp on. It's your canvas and your best asset. If your foundation is the wrong shade or the wrong formula for your skin type it can ruin all the work your put into you make up.

So, let's talk. When it comes to picking a foundation shade the best thing to do is to put it on your face, not your hand. You're going to be wearing it on your face, so try it there! The best way to do it is to try the shade you think will fit first, try a small swatch and blend it in completely, it's not meant to sit on top of the skin. Then go from there, if it looks too light try a darker shade and vice versa. If you get it right on the first shot try that shade's lighter and darker option in order to be sure you're spot on. Now, this is the important part, once you find what you think to be the correct shade go outside to ensure it looks the same in natural light.

These tips are great when you're buying a brand you can try before you buy. When buying from a drugstore the situation is a little different, however, the good news is that you can return make-up to most drugstores if it doesn't fit. I would check your local drugstore's policy as it can change from place to place, but I can definitely say I've bought make up at Walgreen's and returned it a week later because the shade just didn't fit right.

Just as important as picking the right shade it's important to pick the right formula. When it comes to picking the right one you have to consider your skin needs and the amount of coverage you want.

  • Foundation sticks give full, even coverage and can sometimes double as concealer for spot treatment. However, it is best for Normal to Dry skin because it is rather thick and can make oily skin more oily.
  • Liquid foundation can range from Full to Sheer coverage depending on the formula. Liquid is great because it's build-able, comes in a variety of formulas for different skin types and can be made sheerer if mixed with sunscreen or a moisturizer. It also can be found in matte or light reflecting formulas for your skin preferences.
  • Tinted Moisturizers are the sheerest type of of foundation available. If you feel comfortable baring your skin then this is your best option as it moisturizes, let's your skin show through and evens out complexion. This also offers more freedom in color choice since your skin shows through very well, but still pick the shade closest your skin color.
  • Cream to powder formulas give full coverage and a matte or natural finish. It's also the easiest of all the formulas to put on, however, is not good for all skin types as some cream to powder can be drying for dry skin and some can be too oily for oily skin.
  • Powder foundations are great for oily skin as it keeps the skin matte. Dry skin should steer away from this as it will be too drying and look chalky.

Side notes:
  • Liquid foundation looks best when applied with a foundation brush. Be sure to wash the foundation brush weekly and let it dry laying flat. Do not use a wet foundation brush to apply foundation as it will be streaky.
  • Be sure to change your sponges often as they can harbor a lot of bacteria from continued use.
  • No matter what formula you choose always opt for a foundation with sunscreen if you don't already use a moisturizer that contains SPF. However, if you do already use a moisturizer with SPF be weary of using a foundation with SPF as well if you're acne prone; too much SPF can clog pores.
  • If you find yourself hard pressed to find a shade that fits, mix two and make your own!
  • Most women need two shades of foundation, one for winter/spring and one for summer/fall as our skin can go from lighter to darker as we tan. So, watch it, and make sure your foundation color isn't past it's season.



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