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Wednesday and Boscia Blemish Balm

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Make-up for Olive Skin: Wednesday and Boscia Blemish Balm

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday and Boscia Blemish Balm

You know what I hate about Wednesdays? The fact that it's the day that people say "Happy Hump Day." People need to stop saying this, no more of that, don't be one of "those" people.

Instead people should say, "Oh hey, it's the middle of week, that sucks." Because it does. In any case, what doesn't suck is beauty blogging, well, except for the picture editing (and the website fixing, okay I lied sometimes it sucks okay?).

The good news is I have kitties and makeup to get me through the week (and to keep me from yelling at "hump day" users.) Those are my cats, it's the momma  and her kitten doing what they do best, sleeping and being adorable. Their names are Caprica (because I'm a nerd) and Zooey (I named her after my girl crush Zooey Deschanel, except I pronounce is, Zoo-ee.)

Well now that we're done with that you probably want me to get on with the beauty blogging right?

I suppose, but you're so demanding!

I am constantly on the hunt for the best new foundation. I don't think I've found one I'm completely happy with yet, though I couldn't tell you exactly what is missing from all of them that I want. I feel like I'll just "know" like when you fall in love! I'll know it's the right one for me.

So, in my constant search for foundation I decided to try Bocia's Blemish Balm. I've never tried any of the original Blemish Balms so I have nothing to compare it to, so I'll just do my own review based on my experience with this alone.


  • It covers evenly and makes it almost unnecessary for me to use concealer. I still have to use some in some part of my face but if I'm not nitpicky in the morning I could skip it with this one.
  • Goes on easily and evenly with fingers.
  • Has crazy good SPF.
  • It fit my NC35 nicely, I was nervous since it's a one shade pony.
  • You can't put it on with a brush or a sponge, it never looks right!
  • You still have to use concealer if you want a flawless face.
  • I found I needed to set it with a powder, which is fine, I've come to expect it with combo skin!
  • The crazy good SPF? Gives you ghost face in pictures, wanna see?   That's me in the middle with the ghost face! Yay!  
If you want something that works along the lines of a tinted moisturizer but with more coverage, this would do it, but I don't recommend it for a night out where pictures will be taken! Unless you like the ghost face, I'm not judging you girl.



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